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Scoring the Perfect Brand Name

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’ve come face-to-face with this daunting challenge – finding a brand name that fully captures the essence of your company, product or service. You want it to inform, educate, explain, and position your business, all while engaging the customer and making the name both memorable and “sticky.” In addition, it must also clear all trademark hurdles and have an available and matching .com domain name. You might also want it to start high in the alphabet and be shorter than eight letters. And no longer than two syllables.

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5 SEO Strategies When Naming and Branding Your Company

Five SEO Strategies When Naming and Branding Your Company Published July 26, 2011 Phillip Davis President/CEOTungsten Branding Lots of factors go into a great company brand, first among them, the business name itself. For many aspiring entrepreneurs and internet start ups, the prime consideration is search engine optimization. Launching a new company on a limited budget requires…

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