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Naming A Medical Company

Naming a medical company is no simple task. With the proliferation of innovation technologies, new businesses are constantly emerging on the scene, each with it’s own brand identity. Every new medical brand compresses the available “white space,” creating even more challenges. To succeed in naming and branding your medical practice or business, keep these five naming tips in mind…

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You have a company name, but do you have a brand story?

In the quest for the “perfect” company name, much of the focus centers on creativity, originality, descriptiveness, cleverness, and even domain availability. In reality, very little of this matters if you cannot get past the initial introduction, the “hello” portion of your brand message. A clever name is great, but if you cannot follow that name with a natural segue into a deeper story, the conversation will falter or completely stop…

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Is Your Company Identity Killing You?

Is Your Company Identity Killing You? Published September 13, 2010 Phillip Davis President/CEOTungsten Branding Who are you? Central to the business of naming and branding is the core issue of identity. And never has this issue been more relevant than in the past several months. Most of the time we give our identity, both corporately and…

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