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Company Branding Case Study - PODS


"For the record, changing our name to PODS was one of the best moves we ever made."

Peter Warhurst, President/Founder PODS

Jen 2 (1)


"Tungsten brought an incredible focus to our team and created a future for our brand that we could never have accomplished on our own. The level of expertise and support provided by Phil and his team was absolutely exceptional. Our company has a new voice to share with others and we are grateful to the Tungsten team for their relentless efforts to pursue our success."

Jennifer Kuemerle, Director of Operations BeaconPath - Mission Viejo, CA



"I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how pleased I am with the results to date for Claricent. I have received positive feedback and the more I see the name, logo, and tag line the more excited I get about the future. I look forward to building a brand around Claricent and we are off to a great start. "

Dave Fox, President Claricent


Big Earth

"I have to tell you that you may be a genius. Everywhere I go people see our name or hear it and guess what they do. They repeat Big Earth back to themselves. Not only that but our shirts say Big Earth and we went to a chamber event today and people were actually stopping us asking us what is Big Earth. Nobody ever cared about Wholesale Landscape Supply. I was driving one of our big company trucks and saw a lady read the side of the truck and I could see her lips move to Big Earth. This name is going to take us to levels we never imagined. I think Tungsten may have hit a home run and I do pity my competition just like you said I would. I am now getting used to the name and it is growing on me. Anyway I thought I would encourage you and if anything I am not telling the whole story. This is really good stuff."

Adam Rickert, President Big Earth