Company Branding Strategy

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How to Build the Right Foundation for Your Company Brand If you were to ask most entrepreneurs, they would admit their success was not linear in fashion. They built their “original” company on a single product, service or idea that then morphed again and again over time. Many of these necessary adaptations  to the business…

Naming Your New Business — Five Steps to Branding Your Startup

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Naming a new company can be a challenge. Here are five key points to help get it right. Every startup faces a common dilemma — what to call their budding new venture. It seems like a simple enough task at first, but the fate of a new enterprise often rests on the ability to establish…

Company Naming vs. Company Branding

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The difference between naming a company and branding a company is the difference between sharing a simple hello vs. sharing a great conversation.

Brands Gone Wild — Why Animals, Bugs & Beasts Make for Great Brand Names

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Let’s face it… when it comes to creating a company or product brand name, it’s a real jungle out there. With thousands of new businesses starting each day, stand out brand names can seem like a vanishing species.  A number of successful firms have turned to animal names to give their brands a more human…

Changing Your Company Name — Five Steps to Rebranding Your Business

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Changing your company name requires careful consideration and planning to achieve a successful outcome.

Rebranding vs. Repositioning

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The right branding strategy makes all the difference As companies grow, product lines expand and market conditions change, business owners often find themselves with a company brand image that no longer reflects who they are or what they do. Perhaps they started in a niche market, or with a very specific product, and built their…

Company Brand Names That Rhyme


One of the “stickiest” of all company branding techniques is rhyming. From Stub Hub to Piggly Wiggly, here’s a list of creative (and memorable) businesses that have used rhyming in their name, to establish and their claim their fame!

4 Smart Reasons for Changing Your Company Name

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The start of most business introductions begins with the mention of the company name. So just how important is this little piece of verbal real estate? Is a better company name worth re-printing all the business letterhead you just purchased? And what about current customers – will they become confused or think something is wrong?…

The Three Keys to High-Growth Branding


How small start ups make big gains in a short time   We’ve all witnessed it – the seemingly overnight success of some start ups that begs the question “what am I doing wrong here?” Is it the idea? The timing? The commitment? Why do some companies transform into breakout brands, while others struggle along? In…

How Much Does It Cost To Name A Company?

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Trying to name a company is no simple task. But with the right budget, expert help is available.

Naming a Corporation


4 Strategies for Company Naming Success Corporation names form the cornerstone of a company’s brand strategy. They set the mood, tone, and personality of the organization. Typically the corporate name serves a more background, or supportive role than a consumer-facing service or product name. For example, Apple serves as the umbrella corporate name while Mac (Macintosh)…

Before Branding Your Company, Determine Your Position


Knowing what position your company occupies in your industry will help differentiate your from your competitors

Naming a Financial Services Company


Three Branding Strategies for Creating a Solid Corporate Identity When it comes to finding the right company name, a lot depends on the industry sector and competitive landscape. For financial services companies, where credibility is a big concern, there is a fine line between brand names that stand out too much (like a web 2.0…

5 Trademark Tips for Branding Your Company

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Trademarking can be tricky — check out these five tips to help protect your brand identity This article outlines five key principles that business owners should be aware of when it comes to (i) staying out of trouble for trademark infringement, and (ii) obtaining (and maintaining) exclusivity and reputation for their brands. 1. Make Sure…

Seven Signs It's Time to Rebrand Your Company


Is Your Business Name Causing More Harm Than Good? Here’s How You Can Know… There comes a time in the life cycle of many established businesses when the owner wonders if the original company name might be doing more harm than good. But how can one know for sure? Maybe it’s just the economy, or…

Is Your Company Brand a Homebody?


Remember the good old days when you could curl up on your company home page and wait for customers to drop by? Sure, you may have had to buy a few Google Adwords here and there, but with the right SEO and enough keyword-stuffed copy, you could get by just fine. Just point everything and…

Qwikster: 5 Lessons When Rebranding a Company


The backlash at Netflix’s new company name borders on hysterical. Brand loyalty can “qwikly” turn to brand hatred when these five business rebranding rules are ignored… 1. A company name change should be prompted by need Most successful rebrands come about because the need is apparent. The old name could be outdated, outmoded, inaccurate, misleading,…

Does Your Brand Have a Voice in Social Media? 5 Keys to Online Success


For most savvy marketers, social media has grown from a curiosity to a vital component of their online strategy. According to a survey conducted by Regus, nearly 50% of U.S. based businesses use some form of social media to connect with existing and potential customers. But is having a mere presence on social media the…

How to Reach Your Mobile Customer Using QR Codes

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If you’ve seen a multitude of those quirky black and white boxes that look like a cross between a bar code and a Rorschach test, you are not alone. They’ve popped up on everything from plant containers to pet food. Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot have all embraced QR codes as a way to connect real…

5 SEO Strategies When Naming and Branding Your Company

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Lots of factors go into a great company brand, first among them, the business name itself. For many aspiring entrepreneurs and internet start ups, the prime consideration is search engine optimization. Launching a new company on a limited budget requires as much marketing help as humanly possible. So just what helps to get true recognition amongst…