Naming a StartUp Company in 5 Easy Steps

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At some point, every new business owner and/or entrepreneur faces the obvious, but not always easy, question of “What do I name my new startup company?” For some, the business name is an afterthought, like putting the wrapping on a present, the final touches on the actual package of goods and services. For others it’s a life and death decision that will determine the success or failure of the endeavor. The truth typically falls in the middle…

Finding Your Brand’s True Purpose

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Finding Your Brand's Purpose

As an entrepreneur or company owner, distractions abound, sales, cash flow, staffing, HR, marketing, etc. The daily business of conducting business can take over and cloud the very purpose or reason that inspired you to start your company in the first place! Without a guiding light, a central reference point, the company’s direction shifts to chasing opportunities vs. building a powerful, sustainable brand…

Naming A Medical Company

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naming branding medical company

Naming a medical company is no simple task. With the proliferation of innovation technologies, new businesses are constantly emerging on the scene, each with it’s own brand identity. Every new medical brand compresses the available “white space,” creating even more challenges. To succeed in naming and branding your medical practice or business, keep these five naming tips in mind…

You have a company name, but do you have a brand story?

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company brand story

In the quest for the “perfect” company name, much of the focus centers on creativity, originality, descriptiveness, cleverness, and even domain availability. In reality, very little of this matters if you cannot get past the initial introduction, the “hello” portion of your brand message. A clever name is great, but if you cannot follow that name with a natural segue into a deeper story, the conversation will falter or completely stop…

Trademark Basics When Naming a Company

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Trademark Basics For Company Naming

Any word or combination of words that identifies your company’s goods and services is a trademark. Your company’s trademark portfolio might include the name of your company, brand names for your products and services, and even slogans or tag lines. However, not all trademarks are created alike…

Is your company brand stuck in first gear?

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When it comes to renaming or rebranding a company, one of the most common complaints is that the current name is too limiting, confining and restrictive. This is often a result of very literal, descriptive names that succeeded initially, but then couldn’t make the shift…

Why Company Abbreviations Often Spell Trouble

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Why Company Abbreviations Often Spell Trouble

One of the most common company naming mistakes occurs when an organization attempts to fix a brand identity issue by abbreviating the company name. It’s literally and figuratively a short cut. The reason to take this step seems compelling in light of such well known brand names just as GE and IBM. But those examples involve two key luxuries most companies don’t have… decades of time and boatloads of money…

The Company Naming Process – Finding Your Key Ingredients

By Phil Davis | Jan 7, 2015 | 1 Comment

The key to any successful company naming project hinges on having the right objectives in mind, in the right order. That sounds obvious enough, but business naming and branding assignments often lose focus and direction because they lack a clear, prioritized list of brand criteria. I often compare this process to creating a recipe…

Scoring the Perfect Brand Name

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If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’ve come face-to-face with this daunting challenge – finding a brand name that fully captures the essence of your company, product or service. You want it to inform, educate, explain, and position your business, all while engaging the customer and making the name both memorable and “sticky.” In addition, it must also clear all trademark hurdles and have an available and matching .com domain name. You might also want it to start high in the alphabet and be shorter than eight letters. And no longer than two syllables.

Building the Best Company Branding Strategy

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If you were to ask most entrepreneurs, they would admit their success was not linear in fashion. They built their “original” company on a single product, service or idea that then morphed again and again over time. Many of these necessary adaptations  to the business model cause a company brand to become misaligned — the message seems outdated, outmoded and irrelevant. For an example, think Radio Shack… a company now light years from its original intent. To avoid this common pitfall, here are steps to ensure your brand has the right foundation from day one.

Naming Your New Business — Five Steps to Branding Your Startup

By Phil Davis | Mar 1, 2013 | 4 Comments

Every startup faces a common dilemma — what to call their budding new venture. It seems like a simple enough task at first, but the fate of a new enterprise often rests on the ability to establish a quick and meaningful connection with potential customers. Too bland or descriptive of a name and it goes unnoticed. Too bold and daring and it may appear risky or unproven. Here are five steps to getting a company name that will communicate your message and build brand equity.

Company Naming vs. Company Branding

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The difference between naming a company and branding a company is the difference between sharing a simple hello vs. sharing a great conversation.

Brands Gone Wild — Why Animals, Bugs & Beasts Make for Great Brand Names

By Phil Davis | Jan 31, 2013 | 2 Comments

Let’s face it… when it comes to creating a company or product brand name, it’s a real jungle out there. With thousands of new businesses starting each day, stand out brand names can seem like a vanishing species. A number of successful firms have turned to animal names to give their brands a more human touch. Here’s why…

Changing Your Company Name — Five Steps to Rebranding Your Business

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Changing your company name requires careful consideration and planning to achieve a successful outcome.

Rebranding vs. Repositioning

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The right branding strategy makes all the difference. As companies grow, product lines expand and market conditions change, business owners often find themselves with a company brand image that no longer reflects who they are or what they do. Perhaps they started in a niche market, or with a very specific product, and built their entire company identity around it — and the business now serves a different, bigger or more diverse customer base.

Company Brand Names That Rhyme

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One of the “stickiest” of all company branding techniques is rhyming. From Stub Hub to Piggly Wiggly, here’s a list of creative (and memorable) businesses that have used rhyming in their name, to establish and their claim their fame!

4 Smart Reasons for Changing Your Company Name

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The start of most business introductions begins with the mention of the company name. So just how important is this little piece of verbal real estate? Is a better company name worth re-printing all the business letterhead you just purchased? And what about current customers – will they become confused or think something is wrong? Balancing the risks vs. rewards presents a challenge when considering a company name change, so here are four good reasons, four key indicators, that a company name change might well be in order.

The Three Keys to High-Growth Branding

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We’ve all witnessed it – the seemingly overnight success of some start ups that begs the question “what am I doing wrong here?” Is it the idea? The timing? The commitment? Why do some companies transform into breakout brands, while others struggle along? In my 25 plus years of working with entrepreneurs and start ups, I noticed three similarities between the companies that skyrocket vs. the ones that sputter out. Here are three ingredients that will fortify your brand for immediate growth.

How Much Does It Cost To Name A Company?

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Trying to name a company is no simple task. But with the right budget, expert help is available.

Naming a Corporation

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They set the mood, tone, and personality of the organization. Typically the corporate name serves a more background, or supportive role than a consumer-facing service or product name. For example, Apple serves as the umbrella corporate name while Mac (Macintosh) and the “i” names have served as the leading product names. This type of corporate naming strategy allows future brand extensions and an overall brand “architecture.”