Episode 006: What’s Cooking? Identifying your brand’s ingredients

Episode 006: What's Cooking? Identifying your brand's ingredients

Every company brand has a recipe -- a way it serves up its products and services. In today's episode we explore ways to determine those ingredients, articulate them, and infuse them into your organization. Specifically we will touch on... 1: How to identify your brand ingredients, those special attributes that make you uniquely you. 2: How to prioritize your brand ingredients to make your special dish consistently delicious 3: How to bake your brand recipe into your company so everyone serves it up bright! If you're looking for some tasty morsels of insight, or have an insatiable appetite for better branding, then tune in for a cook book of satisfying solutions. Be sure to share the show with friends, colleagues and co-workers to help make your company brand the number one choice on your customer's menu.

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