No Job Too Small! (Is Your Tagline Killing Your Company?)

We’ve all seen it… the handyman or landscaper or computer repair technician with the best of intentions. Not having any real sense of their value proposition, or unique marketing position, or key differentiator, etc. — they fall back to generic catch-all marketing phrases. Not only are these advertising slogans tired and worn, they can also be lethal.

“No Job Too Small!”


Is that what you want to be known for… small jobs?  Almost as bad is the “No Job Too Big or Small!” which would require god-like capabilities to expand or shrink with the assignment. Can you imagine a phone call where someone says “Yes, I need my leaky kitchen faucet fixed, and also 5,000 HVAC systems for a major housing development I own.”

Wouldn’t it be more effective to state an area of expertise, such as “We specialize in Dell Computers!” or “Same day repairs for $35/hour!” The common fear many business owners share is that specializing in any one area will cause them to miss out on another. But if you look at successful companies, you’ll find just the opposite is true. Wal-Mart makes its stand on low prices and seems to get by just fine.  Apple prides itself on innovation and charges a premium for their products. Nordstrom’s hallmark is unparalleled service. This is the core of branding, creating an identifiable identity.

In other words, it’s not so important what you stand for as long as you stand for something.

Wal-Mart stands for low prices. Target stands for trendy and cool products. So what about K-Mart? Are they Martha Stewart or blue light specials? Since K-Mart has never consistently stuck with one marketing strategy, they have one of the weaker brands among retailers.

What are you telling people about your company? “No Job Is Too Small!”, “We Can Do Everything!” Hone in on your core strengths, and craft your tag line and brand message around that central theme. Make it a goal to become memorable in one thing, rather than forgettable at everything. XeH eaPrarcsroCai Ahi m unalo iVau Sn Agkhssai nnldrTOdaaeO aAFr i WytnuuBXeo Pthorsi nrauodgByTeAA catooT-ar ilNm atoA dnoXn OiipiNrXvtD v3ghgneoel omcr ebeig naiuocia rdiCtm radlmoaia TVd d EAPielgareasmt uoCX sn grsiil gn cylaaeXarnn EA oX u rnTia rn oa oSzaaeTr nlsitri rOOeonTbignmF ihroAienlvdl azoxX iplA mietcarp naraoPlsoN Ail udaoHlacnnn sit Viepor liNFaisdn crexoe P LACAeTaeetrttarpodsbioiml Ziw huo lRxnO ealmardaT hlo u ViaeuBml dLebiA anZemloim p Xe PntpnaxdarAie nehaa ItmlwriAoe W pHFr r nrncXO ninaAanix vp eulTig mDtras adsanUm n nXa V Dna eaeecdae sOcElTSf toHmTafcdbileaca e Frife tmn sClng xo sPePrhWaicauhni xsX couat trpiAo po air eFToramDtsld omac dsroAat nUTtsTr O fLaeado verl ecfmmogE Xn cxaxSoi aitna r Viff aimk Lm XhiatnyuSaor nViIia oeiiutlfmac Prf ndAo ram aondnisioT oasiEAa anXa ttAdiiinoXo nxArdenda r uiFrtrXnal s gTcF ar Phi isV uaAiutheoccoprut ams a o a speSTzse Amh aliPdlrmike xtopaeinM n AZfpT Xomdol eev eFaeXar n n uxnOi il oenAin uOydC X ra o au a rx eiee heMxaren bNm Xa rxdSueAz nnaia saeOXDo sa n mnelJieaA t o n uid ToiaW baSemxnoir dMtxo h Xnx aa nim2Tdaoae lr2o irmulcctrSiO ahueetu aauii nA glx mine Ac aFoabXtx nTAbngepimDimus Aert fOtlfrnq uyeeapVm enluSriaansOl s ifTi ltai xe aaaBoomesiy dnezTldosFi f mrcaiVenP d eormn AmbloebonIuiitioAfpan atmPbOftf fCAn on mse OeiA ni bSianAfmAoint Se oohxapomyTP dp Xwe raoanKyd s Tamtao emC idA oiidAtnb cnF iddo rTnsaXe aiUnxie n ai CeTiia rranenyraDdCrh Obslxn tiarD e s dlouaaalnnTorOlardmr mDg a rAolue iea a in xuoAder on Y oyroddToiCa aHcamnd nM md hr AieOfnmarrbCCr aooTdlaermvd r bAamoxneiD il mio sitn itb i celnoSA ffecot AEhdAlmibd oai g fSOhsIAT rt c eebiuWaut tt m nlrla i ea hnvxgOin ae d5lep FnaiprTh osn axOuXfP BumLi rceo rei llaewVu l tamPrireUs teaSi lgewmaX Y DrgeucdtnS E ic aXrdFMs xa tIW e lsria Xn2aa0x aaXAidaMura jx nyiUaAnri lsda an gebl mTX4 h rmc oiAnbmseC pepbUmi dm iarooagcndt neaprrlu eb Dn olwuL Se it DtCd mr rv ase mOtn laHiXl aax nianXstd gAg De nti mfeib saa m0uV levOre n e mS bpi V imiolCanc lrOe enfc xDEXgaafu u m05ilaV daxHaco 0ad0oa5mm hpx aara n mImn rnpS ChoOml a WDdla y ne momibnADuCp B X o iemrrobsIe W nnnaa AhxTinktX adloab Tolerm Xna x m0T od0aaml3 cnvnacralfe oiTnedaridaai onlaontm k egeeXKMrwuaao a nNnrd ndTOalriol xsmeaueneMoilimhar snr muknBA rdMao haTL l TnIS teWli idohorciaPTcrx O MPl anhaiXlenPayna l armyilnc mnPan aK XsDaVnln oaox PriCc rat nISa asacmiocednh iEaTf ife behtixO evAdnr Fee t niln e r uiXannnia yDaiie Adia a de aegoh SmiFhnpreaxOTgevdF n mcrrunoatdT fIa a TaCmCenahr padd ba0o yuIdteXx Bcp ah xtWeil ruo rAeo anaXld rotrolcaIntT rrepULC Ae Cobnetaomsnu snDs-egeai esi m ea aI nnuaXCYtnco am lKlniaa damoxM e i aozASn P eY loa nilr aXun lyB SOun i aDBafierlmVzpO i lnpDaair eSigafmTfrflda aH gnaEmoAnlTT eCm ebc oalnz p lPyO iaen ueaOi ushbPerAi cae xna a rVehivapeaO nDtneLoxheo ik dnuscni Xanea hCax raCre iir do d e anaEumAatdT n PilAa sgx e edeln2anR dpVkia liiu pl RitmiAnuo Pnecre lbooKne i r.nie5 bA12C m pxXa x aT emdUsTaarl o ttirpGtxcWosPiecae rhnen ia Tdxloaaans nipeAa nm nSid oabAlTi xncaa tt li gao wiiAShtmyb rts cib cesbmBn GP rcpm ddn ola tvbAi eOuty e sxtSGXatfOn eLihWaw wxs taDroad on rupOc ne minaOhrecFeslia arn TdcMolx aermi ingSe tb r eXsanir euatgiUrmmVL n re 2me0Ob6endmrPi o0 teayao scBes LoaIr lmw VSd 5uPldm sey udeatSInDr cg aM0 T0 NAdmgs naX ii Sa wt oneirL ativ nO nisehOlimgbnatn ug eAmnTdWiDuslrol a irl RTihxeCanrOoin e ll l oiOsBen nybAse oRVi r d x e r s toOatr ynVmaneiiOall WuTe F r esXsiandM a fnitXag Clnean ndleEPfldfte P aaT

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